Clean and Seal Your Grout


At… Dirty Grout

The first thing we do is a preliminary inspection of the area to be cleaned.

Second step is to apply a special emulsification pre-spray to a section of the floor and allow it to penetrate for up to 15 minutes. This loosens the build up of accumulated soil, grease, contaminates and topical residue. We do not use harsh acids as these damage tile and grout. The proprietary solution does not produce any harmful fumes and ordinary ventilation removes the mild scent within minutes of completion of the job.

Next we power scrub the floor surface with a special segmented bristle brush that agitates the grout lines as well as the tile surface. Edge cleaning is also done at this time, as well each individual grout line is hand scrubbed repeatedly.

This entire process is then done a second time to ensure that the grout lines are going to be as clean as possible. We then extract away the water along with the dirt.

Finally we then rinse the cleaned area with hot water and extract it up.

We Go One Step Further

We use a high-velocity air mover to speed the floor drying process so it is ready to apply the sealer which is HIGHLY recommended as the pore openings in the grout allow dirt and oils to move below the surface. A proper impregnating sealer fills in the pore openings, producing a level surface that cannot be penetrated.

Dirt, oils, and spills are therefore much easier to clean on grout lines that have been sealed.

Sealing is the most effective way to keep your tile and grout looking beautiful for years to come.

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Most Kitchens
(Max 300 sq/ft) $250.00
Pay cash and we pay the tax


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