Change Your Grout Colour

(Without removing the grout)

What is colour sealing grout and why would you want to colour seal your grout?

Colour sealing your grout is a permanent stain that is applied to your grout that also waterproofs the grout, protecting it from any unwanted stains.

Grout is that porous cement between your tiles on your tiled floor and if left unprotected will start to absorb unwanted stains which in most cases can’t be cleaned completely. Colour sealing your grout will protect the grout from any and all unwanted stains by filling the open pores with a permanent sealer.

This method of sealing your grout will also cover any unwanted stains your grout may already have, restoring the grout to one uniform colour making it look as good or better than when it was first installed.

Also, colour sealing your grout will make the grout waterproof, which means no more worrying about spills absorbing into the porous grout and staining it. Cleaning your tile and grout will be a snap , because there are no more open pores for the unwanted stains to penetrate, making maintenance a breeze.

Colour sealing the grout does not mean you have to change the colour of your existing grout. The main things to understand about colour sealing your grout are uniform look and protection from unwanted stains.

Many people ask, “How long will the colour sealing last”?

With proper maintenance of your tile and grout, colour sealed grout can last as long as the floor is in place. Our residential warranty covers materials and workmanship for one year as long as the floor is properly maintained, which we will provide you with instructions to take proper care of the floor.

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